Hi! I’m glad you’re here.

I’ve been a nurse since 2010. For years, I struggled with balancing the night shift, raising two young kids, keeping up with car payments, a ton of credit card debt, and going back to school for a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

I remember asking myself, “How am I making this kind of money and always running out of it before the end of every month?”

I fought an uphill battle for a long time.

Finally, I discovered the concept of Financial Independence. With the help of the FI community, I started to make a few small changes at a time.

I figured out how to:

I’ve started Millionaire Nurse to show young nurses how to get out of debt quickly on a nursing salary, start saving money in the right places, and truly enjoy life.

Join me and many other nurses who use the power of shift work and a great salary to enjoy life to the fullest.