How to Start Your Nursing Retirement Plan Today

When I started my first nursing job, one of my first questions during orientation was “How do I set up my nursing retirement plan?” Starting a retirement account as a nurse is probably easier than you think. Many hospitals will open a 401k or 403b plan for new nurses automatically, and some will even start […]

Nurse Burnout: How to Stop it Before it Starts

Nursing is tough. Long shifts in high-stress environments can easily cause burnout in even the best and most experienced nurses.  There are several things you can do to prevent burnout such as staying healthy and getting enough rest between shifts. Having some non-work hobbies and making sure you actually use your vacation time will help […]

When Will You Buy Your Freedom?

Important Goals We were doing everything right.  From earning good grades in high school to getting into a well-respected college.  In the gaps between parties, we studied diligently to get through courses, obtained the degrees required to land decent jobs, and launched ourselves into the “real world.”    Old beater cars were traded in for new ones; we deserved them.  We […]

How PopUp Business School Convinced Me Not to Start a Business

 When I heard that Alan Donegan’s PopUp Business School was coming to Charleston, I was ecstatic to put things mildly.  Well-reviewed within the Financial Independence (FIRE) community, Alan’s two-week course is designed to inspire entrepreneurs to a quick debt-free start making money doing what they love.  The popular program has been iterated and refined over a number […]